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This is my new small project created with bitsy:

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hey, I downloaded the game and when completed it came up with notepad. Is there anyway to fix it?

I do not know

Is there any way to save the game?

Currently, no.

this game is like rust and the forest had a baby. its so cool, make a discord for this. that would be great :)

I do not make discord but more things in this game is from Unity Assets Store. :)


I hope it's well optimized, a optimized game that can run on a toaster with a potato card is a good game


i only played this game for like 5 mins and i already love it! although if you could make it multiplayer that would be even better!

Dude it seems like it could be a good game but get back to developing the game man!

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what are those canibals they look like zombie or those canivals when they saw the player the canibal kill the player like that or those are hostle canibals are those hostle like zombie survival games?